Golf Stretching DVD by HOG contributor Mike Pedersen

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 14th, 2006
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HOG’s golf fitness contributor Mike Pedersen has just released a new golf stretching DVD:

Golf Stretching for a Better Swing

I’m glad to hear that this disc is selling like mad, over 800 in the first week! Mike’s fitness articles here can be easily found by clicking on the golf fitness category in the categories list.

Mike is a veteran fitness trainer of 24+ years, the last 10 of which he’s been focused completely on golf. His golf fitness site, Perform Better Golf has been up and running for 6 years.

Improve your game

If you employ some of the over 40 minutes of golf stretches into your weekly routine, you will improve your game. You’ll increase your driving distance, your accuracy, your consistency and especially your endurance.

Pick your stretch

I found certain stretches to be of particular interest to me. I’m not the most flexible guy in the world, unless you think a 2×4 is flexible. The back stretches have proven to help me with my bad back and keeping it loose. I also found a stretch for a recurring problem I’ve had when I spend too much time behind the computer blogging articles like this one. The problem is a nasty knot right behind my left shoulder. Mike has a great stretch that nails that knot and helps me work it out.

Missing stretch

OK I know Mike is a big boy so I’m going to give him some critiques on the DVD. One major omission is the “15 second, running onto the first tee with one shoe on, a cup of Starbucks Coffee in one hand and a piece of lemon pound cake in the other” stretch. I’m not kidding. What’s a set of a few really quick stretches a guy who is running late can do for a few seconds just to make sure he doesn’t blow a gasket on the first tee?


One thing which would be great for the next revision of the DVD would be a main menu which has links to the different stretches or core stretch areas. That way a user could go right to the one stretch he wants to watch rather than hitting the scan button for 10 minutes to find it. I’d like to see a main menu with a few links to legs, arms, back, torso etc.


Mike Pedersen has a winner here. Many people throw down $500 for a new driver without blinking an eye, in the hopes that it will improve their game. Thinking about that makes the $24.95 price tag of Golf Stretching for a Better Swing an obvious no-brainer.

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