Colorado Day 2 Recap – Pradera & Bowling For Soup

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 1st, 2006
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I’m so overwhelmed with material I’d like to enter about this trip that I don’t even know what to write right now. On to day two…

Day two of the big golf trip (aka Flemmapalooza) found us at Pradera. Pradera is a private golf club located in Parker Colorado. Parker is about 40 minutes south of Denver.


At Pradera I met, and played golf with some new pals:

Jim Engh (and his 10 year old son): Jim Engh is a big time course designer. He designed Pradera, Red Hawk Ridge (where we’d gotten rained out the day before), Fossil Trace (slated for the next day’s play) and many other awesome courses. His courses have won numerous awards. I could type them all here but just go to his site and check them out.

Adam Clayman: A tall chap who loves golfing, golf course design and course architecture. He’s very educated and never short on conversation about golf, golf courses or many subjects non golf related.

Jim Hajek: Jim is the head PGA pro at Fossil Trace and a heck of a nice guy. On the first hole Jim hit a 3-wood to 5 feet from miles away, uphill. The shot was a towering high shot which had to clear Jim Engh’s “muscle bunkers” guarding the green. No problem. He made the putt for an eagle 3. “Hello Mr. Hajek. Nice to meet you. I just found out why you are a pro.”

Jay Flemma had matches set up between “The Rockers” and the “Course Architects.”

The rockers were to be myself, Jay, a cute girl named Shannon and the guys from Bowling For Soup. Unfortunately BFS’s tour bus didn’t make it in time and they had to go straight to their gig to set up.

The architects were to be Jim Engh, his son, Tim Hartnett(Jim’s assistant) and a pal named Josh.

You can read the details of this sand job on Jay’s blog, but to make a long story longer we got screwed by handicaps and lost the match big.

Though the rockers lost the match, we all had a great time playing Pradera.

Bowling for Soup

Adam, Eddie and I joined Jim Engh and family for dinner at the best Thai restaurant in Denver before heading to the Bowling for Soup concert.

Eddie and I were looking for a parking spot at the concert when we almost ran over a J-walker wearing a psychedelic shirt. I said “I’ll try not to run over the bum” and then it turned out to be Jay crossing the street talking to us on the cell phone! Oops.

The BFS show was awesome. These guys know how to put on a show and they really entertain the audience. They played many great songs like their big hit 1985 and finished off the night with an all star rendition of “I Wanna Be Sedated” where all the members of the opening acts jumped on stage with guitars in hand. Fun to see 15 guitar players on stage!

Guru (middle) hanging out with Bowling for Soup

After the gig we got to meet all the BFS guys and some of the die hards went out for Karaoke after. Eddy and I took off to get our rest so we could play well at Fossil Trace the next day.

3 responses to “Colorado Day 2 Recap – Pradera & Bowling For Soup”

  1. jam-boy says:

    I can’t believe it has been so long that I had to re-register with you. That is so sad.

    But I’m psyched for you and this trip. Looks like you’re playing some really incredible courses. And I’m really happy to see you’ve still been so active with this blog. Always one of the best.

    I will certainly be checking in again soon. Take care man.

  2. jaygolfusa says:

    Hey! Where’s the picture of my shirt!

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