Rained out at Red Hawk Ridge Colorado

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 27th, 2006
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Once I got to Denver I finally met Jay Flemma in the airport. He’s exactly what I expected, a small framed guy with a ton of energy and a NY accent. Jay is as passionate and educated about golf course design and architecture as anyone you’ll ever meet. He talks about courses and architects I’ve never heard of and I just nod my head like I know what he’s talking about.

I also met a new pal Eddie Peck, owner of Black Mesa Golf Club in Arizona. Having checked out Black Mesa’s site and now meeting Eddie, I HAVE to go there.

Red Hawk Ridge’s 18th hole not only has a lake, it is a lake!

Day one had us scheduled to play at Red Hawk Ridge in Castle Rock Colorado. Castle Rock is about 45 minutes south of Denver. We managed to get to the 4th tee box of this neat course before the rain, lightning and finally HAIL hit us. It hit us hard. We were completely drenched (see pic of Eddie and me below) and frozen. We wisely called it a day, rather than freezing our tails off trying to battle the weather.

I plan on doing course reviews of all the courses I play on this trip. I’ll do a review of what I can about Red Hawk Ridge, but the review will be about 25% of what it should be since I only played 3 holes (16.7%) plus checked out the practice areas and clubhouse.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by Pradera to check it out and buy some warmer clothes. Pradera is where we’re playing Sunday with a group of 12 including the band Bowling For Soup and golf course architect Jim Engh.

Eddie Peck (left) and I soaked

One response to “Rained out at Red Hawk Ridge Colorado”

  1. Harkov says:

    That’s too bad, hope the rest of your trip offers some better weather!





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