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Travel Log post 1

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, August 26th, 2006
Categories: LifeMiscellaneous

Travel log:
Saturday, August 26th, 7:50am
Salt Lake International Airport

Sitting in the terminal drinking my $5.00 coffee from Starbucks I struck up a conversation with a nice lady sitting next to me. I was almost blinded by the large rock on her wedding ring. She was heading to Portland to meet her husband. I asked her if she was from Atlanta (detecting her accent) and she said yes. I told here I’d been to Atlanta a few times, but I really wanted to go to Augusta and perhaps see the Masters.

She then asked if I was into golf because she saw my TaylorMade backpack. I told her I was a golf freak and let her know about my golf sites. She then informed me that she was the wife of PGA Tour and now Champions Tour player Tim Simpson. She was heading up to Portland to watch Tim play the last two days of the Geldwen Tradition. He’s currently tied for 14th place.

I asked her a bit about her husband playing on the Champions because I know how hard it is to get exempt status on that tour and he hadn’t played for a while due to illness. She told me through his many top 10 finishes on the PGA Tour he was able to get in. He’s only been on the Champions for 9 weeks and has had several top 10’s.

Unfortunately my new friend Lee Ann had to run to catch her flight, but she got my contact info and hopefully I’ll be able to do a blog post or two on Tim.

The karma is already happening and I haven’t even gotten on the plane yet!

2 responses to “Travel Log post 1”

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  2. iacas says:

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