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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
Categories: Golf Media

Hey this is a golf blog right? OK. Time for some golf blogging.

Deep Rough has just undergone a site redesign. I really like the new look. I’m partial to the 3 column setup as I think it takes more of an advantage of the space.

An incoming link I found here comes from The Royal And Ancient Golf Blog. Hey sounds cool. One catch though: It’s all in German. It looks like they have some great instructional pieces though.

Golf Chum is a new site which is looking to “get the latest golf news, scores and statistics to Golfers all around the internet.” Good luck Chum!

Heather over at Travel Golf has shown HOG as much love as any blogger on her Blogger Leaderboard. My blog heart is throbbing… Thanks for all your posts Heather.

Online Golf News is a UK based golf news blog. They’re on blogger, using that standard old green blogger template I used when I started blogging. It’s a good start (Dec 2005) and hopefully they’ll convert over to WordPress or MT down the road.

Another blogger based golf blog I haven’t hit on yet is Golf Babes (pun intended). Golf Babes is “for those guys who think there’s nothing hotter than a sexy female golfer.” I’m one of them. There’s nothing hotter than female golfers or female drummers.

Speaking of golf babes, I’d like to thank HOG contributor and certified golf babe Megan Heckeroth for the autographed hat! I don’t want to wear it!

I can’t go a “blog related post” without mentioning HOG’s best friend Eat is always working on some amazing new feature like his photoblog, price shopper, course finder etc. Now he’s got the new Eat Golf News section. It’s amazing what comes out of Eat’s cranium. Perhaps I need to change my diet to beer and 7-11 nachos and see if my creative juices flow even more…

WRX is blogging? Woa. A fairly new blog (to me at least) is “Gourmet WRX.” WRX has long been a golf forum, but now they’re venturing into the blog world as well. Even though they started in May 2006, the blog is very well done and the design is slick and clean.

Golf Chick is in the golf blogging zone lately. Her review on a course I reviewed, Wolf Creek, kicks my review’s ass. I need to kick it up a notch now. Thanks a lot!

Last on the list for today, Geoff Shackelford has finally added a blogroll to his site. That was a long time coming and I’m glad he finally got it happening. Nobody writes or blogs as much about golf as Geoff.

5 responses to “Some golf blogging…”

  1. jyip says:

    thanks for the shoutout, mediaguru.

    although many of the links say “gourmet wrx,” i just wanted to clarify that the golfwrx blog is known as “gourmet golfwrx.” it’s a metaphor for the finer aspects of golf, presented in the organic and grass roots approach of a blog.

    gourmet golfwrx
    managing editor

  2. mediaguru says:

    “Organic and grass roots” eh? Do you happen to listen to the Greatful Dead? “Truckin….down to New Orleans…”

    🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  3. GolfBlogger says:

    I’ve had a news section for nearly a year now, using feeds from a variety of different sources. It’s at

    There’s also a page just for golf news releases and one for feeds from other bloggers.

  4. allanonlinegolfnews says:

    Still using blogger – but hope you like the new template!

  5. allanonlinegolfnews says:

    sorry the above post was about





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