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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 11th, 2006
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Here’s the first post I’ll make about the upcoming “Flemmapalooza” starting on August 26th. I’ll be golfing in Denver with fellow buddy and golf blogger Jay Flemma. He’s a long time golf blogger, specializing in golf course architecture and design and also a writer for Cybergolf, Golf Magazine and Golf Observer.

Jay and I will be playing with none other than Chris and Gary (guitar/vocals & drums) from the big time band “Bowling For Soup.” Gary and I should hit it off well, both being rock & roll drummers.

Gary (background) & Chris (foreground):

We’ll be enjoying Bowling For Soup perform live in the Ogden Theater in Denver on the 27th. (Sorry BGS guys if some of the groupies go after Jay and me back stage after the show).

That’s not all. We’ll be golfing at some AMAZING courses for 4 days including Pradera and Red Hawk Ridge. These courses rank in some of the top courses in the country.

We might as well golf with the designer of these courses, Jim Engh, right? OK sounds great!

Man can it get any better? Oh yeah it can, when the “rockers” clean the clocks of the course architects in a friendly match. Bring it on baby.

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