Bridgestone announces new CG Irons

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 7th, 2006
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My pals at Bridgstone just announced some new irons and they look very nice. The new CG irons will be in retail outlests in mid September.

To read Bridgestone’s press release click below:


Proprietary Gravity Chamber Technology Optimizes Iron Performance

Covington, Ga. — Adding to its already popular TOUR level golf clubs and
balls, today Bridgestone introduced its new Gravity Chamber (GC) series of
irons for longer distance, higher moment of inertia and improved launch
conditions. The GC Series features two models, the GC.MID and the GC.OS,
designed to make shots easier to control for two distinctly different types
of players. The GC series employs a technology that allows Bridgestone
engineers to remove inefficient weight from the clubhead where it is not
helping to improve golfers’ games, and strategically repositions it to
create a center of gravity at an optimal location, improving launch
conditions and accuracy.


The GC.MID irons provide the feel better players demand, with forgiveness
golfers of all ability levels can use. The GC.MID features a Gravity
Chamber in the back cavity of the clubhead from which significant weight is
removed. The weight is repositioned by using Gravity Disks that increase
moment of inertia and as a result produces a reduction in clubhead twisting
on off-center hits, generating a straighter ball flight.

The strategic placement of the disks creates a precise and progressive
center-of-gravity location that provides enhanced control and improved
launch conditions. The combination of repositioned weight and progressive
center-of-gravity produces long irons that fly high and are easy to square,
and short irons that have a flatter ball flight with greater stability for
ultimate shot shaping potential. This is accomplished by positioning the
disks farther apart in the long irons and progressing the disks closer
together throughout the mid and short irons.


The GC.OS irons provide extreme forgiveness for players seeking ultimate
relief on mis-hits and high-flying iron shots for long distance. The GC.OS
set also removes weight from the back cavity in the form of the Gravity
Chamber. The saved weight is positioned to the gravity disks in the extreme
corners of the back cavity of the clubhead creating a center-of-gravity that
maximizes forgiveness and makes all clubs easier to hit high, long and

Both sets of Gravity Chamber irons are created from 431 soft stainless steel
for tremendous feel and consistency. The GC series of clubs all feature a
thin-face design that increases ball speed at impact, translating into irons
that fly further. In addition, the strategic location of the Gravity Disk
placement in both sets produces a more solid feel and sound when striking
the ball.

“The GC series of irons are our most forgiving clubs yet,” said Mike Moxie,
Golf Club Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf. “By providing better players
with unsurpassed feel and workability that they demand, yet providing some
assistance to those players who aspire to play a premium level product, we
feel that we’ve created two sets of irons meeting the requirements of a wide
range of skill levels. Don’t be surprised to see people in your weekend
foursome and the best players in the world relying on this breakthrough
technology this fall.”

The GC.MID irons are available in 2-PW with stock Nippon® NSPRO® 1050GH
shafts. The GC.OS irons are available in 3-SW with stock Nippon® NSPRO®
950GH shafts. The clubs also feature a Golf Pride® Gravity Chamber grip.
Custom options for grips and shafts are available. (The GC.MID will be the
first clubs in the Bridgestone line that will be available in a left-handed
model (available Spring 2007).

Both the GC.MID and GC.OS irons will feature a suggested retail price of
$699 (steel) and $799 (graphite) and will be available at golf specialty
stores and green grass retailers nationwide, beginning September 2006. For
more information on the GC Series and any other Bridgestone Golf products

One response to “Bridgestone announces new CG Irons”

  1. kiwi says:

    They look hideous!!!!!!!!! I’m sure they are another quality Bridgestone iron though





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