Women’s British open has 6 total hours of coverage

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 4th, 2006
Categories: LPGA Tour

The men’s British…. oh excuse me “The Open”… had probably 6 hours of coverage per day. I couldn’t help noticing that the Women’s British has only a total of 6 hours. Strangely enough, the first two days have 2 hours each and day’s 3 and 4 have 1.5 hours of coverage. Factor in intros, outros and commercials, and I bet days 3 & 4 only have one hour of actual on the course coverage each.

That’s pretty lame if you ask me.

One response to “Women’s British open has 6 total hours of coverage”

  1. robc says:

    you’re on to it, Wife and i used to watch the uspga avidly but NO LONGER because out of 2 hours (stop watched) only 23 minutes were actually golfers playing golf. What a lot of crap , And the commentators think they are doing a good job, Veiwers see ; grass leafage water , waterfalls , blimp , sky ryder cup money list score board old golf , everything BUT on course golfers playing f in golf. While the British open was such a delightful contrast , ALL golf , nothing but golf Well done whoever u are!