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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
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The Flexie-T is a non disposable golf tee you can use on the driving range or on the course.

Home on the range

The Flexie-T is designed to be strong enough to mount in those hard driving range mats without breaking. I personally can’t stand practicing on mats but sometimes you have no choice. The rubber tees that are set up on the mats are often the wrong height for my driver but the Flexie-T tees it up at exactly the right height for that 460cc head. Quite often there are no rubber tees at all on the range as well so having a FT in the bag can be useful in that respect as well.

The other good thing about being able to tee it up anywhere on those mats is that you can pick a spot for your stance that isn’t worn out. My feet are constantly slipping on the range when I have to stand with my feet in the same position that thousands of other people have stood.

On the course

After hours of grooving your driver swing on the range you can use the Flexie-T on the course. The good thing about using the FT is that you can tee the ball up at exactly the same height every time. Sometimes I tee up my driver and realize I’m not teeing it at the same height every time. Doubt can come into play as to whether or not I’ll strike the ball the same with different tee heights.

Is there a 5 minute time limit for a tee search?

Usually the FT stays right in the ground when I hit it but at one mountain course I lost one of my FT’s. I searched until my playing partners were clear up in the middle of the fairway ahead of me. I finally had to say adios to the FT and abandon my search after 5 minutes.


Is there any noticeable performance difference from a standard tee? Not really. There’s really no way any kind of tee can “increase distance” or “eliminate slices” legally. I didn’t notice any longer or short drives or any more control off the tee. But like I said before I did like the fact that I could tee it up at a consistent height every time.

Critic’s corner

The only critiques I have for the Flexie-T are that the tee height is only suitable for the driver. The tee is way too tall for fairway woods or irons. To my knowledge there aren’t varying FT lengths as of yet.

In some cases where I wanted to tee my driver really low for perhaps a power fade, I had to go back to a conventional tee.


The Flexie-T is a very useful tee on the range, especially for mats. The FT is also helpful in allowing you to tee the ball up the same way every time, increasing your comfort level on the course.

Will the FT knock you down for a 16 handicap to a 7? No. Only practice can do that I’m afraid. 🙂

3 responses to “Flexie-T Review”

  1. SHOCKWIRE Sports says:

    These types of tees are always good to keep an exactly consistent teeing height. It is interesting to see the durability of these tees.

  2. Sports Update Blog says:

    […] I did a full review on the Flexie-T which can be found here. […]

  3. […] I did a full review on the Flexie-T which can be found here. […]





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