Thoughts on the British, Wie, The Rat

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
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OK time for my thoughts on some of the recent happenings in the golf world. I’ve been slacking…

Tiger & The British Open

I’d have to agree with Tom Watson on this subject. After reflecting on the British Open, Tiger Woods may win more of these than Masters Tournaments. Why? Because he can play a British without hitting the club that costs him the most strokes, his driver. Tiger hit one measly driver in 4 days and that was a questionable club pull.

Clearly Tiger’s weakness is his driving. How amazing would he be if he could hit a fairway? Courses are being designed tougher and the rough longer to try and combat the long ball. That means Tiger has to hit more fairways or get better and the bomb and gouge. (If I poached “bomb and gouge” from someone please forgive me.)


Finally Michelle Wie is playing against the women. And guess what? She’s in contention on a regular basis and very close to getting her first win. This is where she should be. She needs to be in the mix and learn how to win. Once she has some credible wins and some years under her belt, maybe she can take a crack at the PGA Tour. But I’d agree with Tom Gov at Point1Golf in saying that when playing against the men, Wie is no better than an average club pro at this point.

The Rat

Look who won last week! Corey WHO? Pavin? Are you kidding me? (I was out of town in the wilderness. See future post about “Lehman”).

Some people call Pavin “The Rat” because with his gray hair and his buzz hair cut he looks like a rat. Can’t say I disagree, but I still like him. He’s one of the last “shot makers” out there and I do believe shot making is an art form that unfortunately is being lost with technology and distance.

So cheers to The Rat for his victory.

One response to “Thoughts on the British, Wie, The Rat”

  1. Cal says:

    “Clearly Tiger’s weakness is his driving”

    So if he didn’t use his driver at The Open, why does he need to use it anywhere else? Okay he will be, what, 60 metres (maybe more) behind those using driver, but he will be on the fairway. Plus I’m pretty sure he’s damn accurate with his mid irons to get into the greens.





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