The Golf Space – Golf’s version of myspace

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 29th, 2006
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It’s time for the 3 month report card of HOG’s sisters site The Golf Space at The Golf Space is golf’s version of myspace (only without the porn and the sexual predators… hehe).

For those who don’t know what TGS or myspace are, they’re “social networking” sites. Social networking sites are all the rage right now. In this type of site, a user sets up his own personal profile with blogs, photos, friends etc.

The Golf Space is the original golf networking site. Many others are starting to pop up and I wish them well. They’re even welcome to come by and register there to promote their sites. That’s what it’s all about.


The Golf Space opened in April of 2006 and since then has received over 700 member sign ups! TGS has had over 116,000 visitors. The hits are in the millions. There are over 400 “articles” on the site. An article may be a user blog, or a specially written article by one of the many TGS contributors on golf tips, fitness or any other golf related subject. There are 85 outbound links to golf related sites in the links section. These links are provided by TGS members.

So far there isn’t one ad and it’s all free, as it should be. There will never be a “fee” for any of the services TGS provides to it’s members.

Pop on over and set yourself up at TGS if you haven’t already. The TGS community is growing and thriving every day.

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