Natalie Gulbis falls to Mi Hyun Kim in 3 hole playoff

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 16th, 2006
Categories: LPGA Tour

Natalie Gulbis had a great chance to get first LPGA Tour win at the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic. After posting a -6 65 in regulation, she went into a 3 hole playoff with Mi Hyun Kim and had to match birdies on the 3rd playoff hole to stay alive. She didn’t.

In the last post I talked about using the words “Tiger Woods” to get lots of hits on your golf site. Well, I’m sure one of the next hottest “hit getters” is Natalie Gulbis. Miranda commented on the last post that her highest searches are for naked golfers. Needless to say if the words “Natalie Gulbis Naked” or “Natalie Gulbis Nude” were in a blog post, it would get lots of hits. Ok, you busted me…hehe. And if you found this post because you were looking for nude pictures of Natalie Gulbis, shame on you.

Dipsy Doo

I have a hard time watching Natalie or Paula Creamer for that matter. They both dip big time in their downswings.

Natalie Gretzky

And I also have a hard time watching Natalie putt with that hockey stick grip and open stance. Perhaps some good work with a putting coach and a more conventional grip would have helped her make one of those putts to win on the last regulation hole or the first two playoff holes? Then again her hockey stick stroke got her into the playoff so you can’t argue with those results.

Line Me Up

One other funky thing was that many of the players today, Natalie and Mi Hyun included, had their caddies lining up their shots (not their putts). You don’t see that much on the PGA or other men’s tours. Do these ladies have a hard time with alignment or is it more just part of their preshot routines?

Natalie will win her share eventually.

6 responses to “Natalie Gulbis falls to Mi Hyun Kim in 3 hole playoff”

  1. iacas says:

    I think the alignment started with one person doing it, someone else saying “hey, that’s almost like cheating, I think I’ll do that!” and it spread from there.

    Perhaps men are too manly to admit to needing help lining up. Except a few guys on putts (Bernhard Langer did that for awhile, right?).

    Then again, I’ve almost never seen a caddy say “no, you’re not lined up right,” so maybe it’s just a dumb pre-shot routine thing.

  2. It was just nice to see Natalie play well. I would of liked to see Paula or Natalie win it, but compared to how they’ve been playing, it was a good weekend.

  3. lefttoright says:

    Has anyone ever seen a golfer check a yardage book as M. Kim did before she attempted her 7′ birdie attempt on the last hole of regulation? The commentator mentioned that she had contour notes in the book. She missed the putt.

  4. mediaguru says:

    I noticed that too. Pretty interesting. She didn’t take good enough notes. The last time she had that putt was earlier in the day and the grain was growing the other way…. oh, I’m just full of it.

  5. Miranda says:

    A lot of the LPGA players have their caddies line them up. I think it’s annoying. Is it cheating? Being a non-golfer I see it like a caddie helping you read a putt so I don’t know if it’s cheating. But, if I played golf I would think that part of being successful is doing it on your own, not by having someone line you up or read your putts for you.

  6. mediaguru says:

    Reading putts can be very hard so I see a caddy giving input. But if you need a caddy to tell you you’re lined up at a 50 yard wide fairway that’s another story…hehe





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