Tiger Woods is a good blog subject if you want hits

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 15th, 2006
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Hey do you have a golf blog or golf site? Here’s a tip. Put the words “Tiger Woods” in there as much as you can and you’ll get more “hits” and visitors. I’ll admit I hardly do much on Tiger. I should do more I suppose. But when I can write about other off the wall stuff, like “The Experiment” I guess Tiger gets 2nd billing…

Tiger Woods TPC Sawgrass 2006Picture of Tiger Woods

EatGolf.com inspired this post a bit by showing how how views of his Tiger Woods video totalled more than all the other golfer videos on his site.

I have a stat I just crunched similar to that. HOG has a photo gallery, in case you didn’t know. The gallery has a counter which counts the individual views of the albums. Here they are:

Random images: 6031 views
Equipment: 9724 views
Augusta National & The Masters: 2526 views
Golf Courses: 18192 views
Players: 8479 views
Mediguru’s personal album: 2012 views
Fitness pix: 1451 views

Total others: 48415 views
Tiger Woods House (allegedly): 38412 views

6 responses to “Tiger Woods is a good blog subject if you want hits”

  1. fsmontenegro says:

    Nice gallery. BTW, the “Tiger Woods” photos are not accurate, as per


  2. mediaguru says:

    Holy cow you posted that comment about 4 seconds after I posted the picture. You must have been waiting…

    Yeah I know they’re not tiger’s house as has been discussed here previously…

  3. Miranda says:

    I get the most hits from people searching for naked pictures of golfers. Oddly, no one has searched for naked john daly pictures yet. Someone will someday though. I have faith in the internet users.

  4. mediaguru says:

    BUSTED! You caught me searching for naked pics of Christina Kim eh? Ok I admit it…

  5. I’ve done a few blog posts about Tigers house, but the one post about him that gets the most searches is for his yacht. I easily get several hundred page views a month on just the post I made about his 155 foot yacht. Then again, I also get a lot of page views for the crazy videos I post. This one is the most popular…


    Either way, he is a good subject to talk about because he’s always in the news.

  6. Media UnCut says:

    Tiger Woods Emotional British Open Victory

    Tiger was emotional after winning the first tournament after his fathers death.





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