Here Wie go again…. yawn

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
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Michelle Wie is going to try to make the cut on the PGA Tour again this weekend at the John Deer Classic. I wish she’d do it and either get it over with or stop trying. It’s getting a little old.

Oh, has she won one tiny little tournament on the LPGA Tour yet? No?

If she makes the cut the media will go crazy and it will be a big buzz…. If she doesn’t? Yawn…

This article states Wie has enough talent to win on the PGA Tour. Well I’m going to have to disagree for now. She doesn’t have a solid enough putting game to win on the PGA Tour. Her weakest area though is her mental game. She can definitely improve both these areas. Only after that improvement would she have a chance.

4 responses to “Here Wie go again…. yawn”

  1. thegolfgeek says:

    There is no question she has a lot of talent and some day could and probably will be the #1 female golfer in the world. But still, I think this makes her only as good as the top male club pros who, on occasion, make a PGA tour cut. And I suppose a 16 year old girl making the cut is a big deal but I say she will never compete for a PGA tour title on a Sunday.
    As a fan I want to see her play on the LPGA Tour. The novelty is over. A 16 year old girl winning on the LPGA is a novelty in itself.

    Tom Gov

  2. DeepRough says:

    The amusing thing…or perhaps disturbing thing is that last weekend (at the HSBC) I watched her spend at least 75% of her time between the 3rd round and quarter finals on the driving range, rather than on the practice green.

    After watching her 3 putt from 20 feet on a par 5 where she was on in 2, one would think she would go straight to the putting green, and spend all of her time working on that part of her game.

    Check out the complete review here:
    HSBC World Match Play Review

  3. CSGolfer says:

    Agree – yawn. Talented – without question. Able to win? –not yet, on any tour. Short game, mental game and “knowing how to win” are what separate the greats from the wanna-be’s. Jack said it best – to be truly successfull requires learning how to win – it doesn’t matter where, or what tour, or what type events – winning and “learning how” to win are paramount. Ms. Wie has a long way to go.

    If the novelty wears off of her showing up and only getting close – and it is, the exemptions will dry up and she becomes simply a talent with no where to play!

  4. lladew says:

    I am tired of Michelle Wie and all the buzz about her making the cut in a PGA event. I also say “yawn”. I am a lady golfer but don’t believe the women should be trying to play in a men’s event. Not to mention Michelle Wie should at the very least win an LPGA event before she even tries out for a PGA event. Why does she want to play with the men anyway? They call it the LPGA for a reason. It’s for the LADIES. I don’t see the men trying out for an LPGA event. In a few years she could be fantastic on the ladies tour but failing at the men’s tour isn’t helping her any.





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