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Spouse or no spouse

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
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The latest HOG poll is a little different one. The question:

“Do you, our would you golf with your spouse?”

I have varying opinions on this. I take my golf game very seriously. The group I play in of about 8 guys are all 5 handicaps or less. We play by the rules, we don’t move around or talk while people are playing etc. So in that scenario playing with a spouse may not really be a good idea.

I voted for “sometimes” thinking I’d mostly play with my serious core group of buddies but would occasionally have a “hit & giggle” session on a date or with some coed groups.


5 responses to “Spouse or no spouse”

  1. NothingMan says:

    Hmmm, good point. I definitely agree. Too late to change my vote, but it should be a Sometimes instead of a Yes. My wife is in Sales, so she does get to play golf with clients (for free), but she is totally indifferent about how she plays and absolutely has no desire to practice or get better. I ALWAYS feel like I should be getting better, and I compete with myself every round and also need to play with someone that also wants to compete.

  2. Cal says:


    It’s a nice relaxing round where I don’t have to worry about competing with anyone.

    Sometimes I actually play better!

  3. golfinghoser says:

    If I had a spouse maybe… heh. As it is now I play with friends and the occasional random dude on the links.

  4. kiwi says:

    My missus is a driving range golfer…. occasionally. She doesn’t really like playing. She’s quite happy to caddy though

  5. faziom1 says:

    I once played in a foursome with my wife and another couple. We played a par 3 course and the object was for the men to get the ball on the green and women to putt out. It was pretty fun and quite competitive.