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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
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Callaway Golf EyewearCallaway has a new division called “Callaway Golf Eyewear.” Callaway calls their eye wear “serious equipment designed to enhance your competitive edge.”

There are three product lines in the Callaway Golf Eyewear offering:

1. Sports Series
2. Collection Series
3. X-Series

This is my 3rd review on CGE products and will cover the X-Series line.
Click here for my review of the Collection Series review.
Click here for my review of the X-Series review.

The model I’m covering today is the S205-bk (black).


The S205 (“205” for short from this point on) is a cool looking pair of sunglasses. They’re very “manly.” The frames are fairly wide and beefy but very light.

The 205’s do a bit of the wrap around effect on your face and look very aerodynamic. They look great on the golf course but would also work nicely taking a cruise on your Harley.


The 205 is made of TR90 Grilimid, a composite nylon material that ensures the highest in durability, memory, and resistance to the elements. It is rated #1 in Sport sunglass frame construction. I can bend these pretty far and the snap right back into shape.

The 205 has a lens shape that very importantly covers a large orbital area, so the eye is fully covered and protected from peripheral light and wind.

The lenses of the 205’s (and the Callaway line in general) are made of a patent pending material called Neox. Neox blocks 100% of the harmful blue rays while letting more of the visual spectrum in. Your eyes don’t have to work as hard so they don’t fatigue as easily. The Neox tinting technology also allows you to see more detail on the course and even read the greens better.


The 205’s come with a great hard case as do all the Callaway Eyeware products. I don’t really get companies that give you a soft case for eyewear. What’s the point of that? So when they break the soft case contains all the broken glass?

The hard case is spring loaded and seals tight to keep dust out. Obviously the folks at Callaway where thinking because you need a hard case as a golfer. I don’t like putting my glasses in my golf bag without protection. A stray ball could hit the bag, it could take a hit going in and out of the trunk or even a crazed player who loses it could throw a club and hit your bag (that has happened to me before).

Along with the hard case you get a soft slip case. This case is made of special fabric designed for cleaning the glasses.

On the course

Of the 3 lines of Callaway Eyewear glasses I own, I’ve worn the 205’s the most. Funny how I like the least expensive model in their lines at $95.00.

I’ve played a bunch of rounds with the 205’s and I love them. I don’t even realize they’re on my head because they’re so light. The wrap around lenses cover all areas of my peripheral vision, which I like. The shape of the glasses fits great on my head and they don’t shift around at all during my golf swing (and a lot of other stuff DOES shift in my swing).

I’m able to see the lines and read the greens very well with the 205’s. At the end of a long and bright day on the course my eyes are not strained and I don’t get a headache like I can from the bright sunlight and heat.


The 205’s are another excellent product in the Callaway Golf Eyewear offerings. Like the other glasses I’ve reviewed they’re very unique and stylish. They are very tough, flexible and durable. Most of all I’ve played some great golf with them on very bright days with no fatigue at all.

Like I’ve said in my two previous Callaway Golf Eyewear reviews, we have a winner here. David Ledbetter, one of the top golf instructors in the world, apparently agrees with me on this as well. He’s endorsing the Callaway Golf Eyewear line.

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