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Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 24th, 2006
Categories: Golf Media

There are a few golf blogs up in the Great White North (aka Canada). What’s that all aboot aye?

Of course most of us know Robert Thompson and his Going for the Green golf blog. Robert is one of the first golf bloggers. For some reason right now there is an error and I can’t expand his blog to read it. I hope it’s temporary.

The Illogical Golf Blog has been going since December 2005, posting “Illogical thoughts and ramblings from a few golfing idiots.”

“Can a weekend duffer simply take lessons and practice enough to become a pro?” The Going Pro blog is quite an experiment and intends to answer that very question. A guy who calls himself a regular “duffer” is trying to see if a teaching professional can coach him up to the pro ranks.

Here are his stats:

Years Playing: 7
Driving Distance: 190 yards
150 yard club: 6 iron
Clubs: 7 year old PING ZINGS 2
Ball: Whatever I find
Swing Speed: slow

I’d have to say he has no chance at the PGA Tour. Heck his driver goes as far as my 6 iron and I’m a hack compared to a tour player. He does have the chance to become a good golfer during the process though and I think that is the real point.

6 responses to “Great White North Golf Blogs”

  1. Love says:

    Distance is key. by the way,
    The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion
    is the only religion in which Golf figures prominently.

  2. mediaguru says:

    Um, ok then….??? WTF?

  3. Mediaguru: You’re too kind (and operate one of the best golf blogs on the web.) G4G seems to be working fine now….but thanks for the nod. Always appreciated!

  4. Eat Golf says:

    Bummer that instamarv got too busy and took his blog down. He said he may start something up in the future though – hope he does : )

  5. golflogic says:

    Thanks for the line Mediaguru.
    The training is slowly coming along and my distance is getting better. I am still crap…but getting better.
    Just got word I will be playing in the John Daly Pro-Am September 12th. If you are near Niagara Falls, drop by and I’ll get you in.

  6. golfinghoser says:

    I am also from the great white north, edmonton to be exact (dont talk about the oilers to me please :P). Just got into golf about 2 months ago, and started a blog a couple days ago, feel free to check it out:





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