Smarter than I thought…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
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If you listen to the show I did with AOL Sports Bloggers Live before the U.S. OPEN last week I predicted that Tiger would not do well. When asked to pick a lesser known player to win I said “Though his stats don’t show it, Geoff Ogilvy has the game to win here and I think he’ll win some major championships down the line…”

Damn was that me? 🙂 (pat’s himself on back).

3 responses to “Smarter than I thought…”

  1. Hey Tony. You’re really living up to that mediaguru handle. Way to go. Armchair

  2. megangolf says:

    High Five! way to go, guru.
    Now, that was an easy one.
    Can you predict when I am going to win my first pro tourney? (go easy, buddy…remember I got to choose a pic to post under your name 😉

  3. NothingMan says:

    Haha. nice. Maybe ESPN will call 😉