“I am such an idiot.” ~Phil Mickelson

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 18th, 2006
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“I am such an idiot.” ~Phil Mickelson

I couldn’t agree more this time. That meltdown today was completely idiotic and COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. Why didn’t someone like Bones (Phil’s caddie) tell Phil to bunt a 3 iron down the fairway on 18? Better yet, why didn’t PHIL think of it?

I wonder what kind of long term effect this will have on Phil. Will he still win a bunch more majors? I wonder at this point… Combine Phil’s talent with Jim Furyk’s brain and you’ve got a U.S. Open championship instead of a tie for 2nd.

Credit to Geoff Ogilvy

Hat’s off to Geoff Ogilvy though. He played very well. He overcame the sanded divot on 18 and made a GREAT up-and-down which ended up winning the tournament for him.

And I really watched Ogilvy’s swing today. It’s very solid. He could win many more…

One response to ““I am such an idiot.” ~Phil Mickelson”

  1. dmaninmoval says:

    Hey guru
    Morning my friend and hope your not watching any highlights on espn like I just was (throws up). I agree completly with you and the rest of the guys on phil’s major brainfart. I wonder why “bones” did not just grab the driver from his boss and tell him 4-wood also as you guys have said. If that was the conversation, then phil needs to buy his caddie dinner for a month for screwing this payday up bigtime. Lastly, I don’t know if tiger or jack were watching but if so, I am sure they were as perplexed as the rest of the golf world.
    Replace your divots!!!!