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Michelle Wie should focus on the LPGA Tour

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 5th, 2006
Categories: LPGA Tour

Michelle Wie came up short on her bid to be humiliated at the men’s U.S. Open.

I’ve just about had enough of Michelle Wie and men’s events. Either her father or some stupid publicist is making her do this but in the long run it’s going to hurt her. She’s wasting time that she could be WINNING on the LPGA Tour. And each time she comes up short the public becomes more numb and the novelty wears off even more.

And what happens when and if she does make a cut on the PGA Tour? A tie for 94th place probably. She’ll never actually WIN on the PGA Tour IF she makes a cut. (I know she made a cut against the men on th e Asian tour. Whoopty doo.)

Wie essentially done NOTHING in her pro golf career except collect dough from her sponsors. No wins, nada, zilch. It’s time for Wie to focus her game on what she should be doing, which is winning on the LPGA Tour.

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