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BogeyMan is THE man

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 2nd, 2006
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Expecting to pick up some lame bills in my mailbox the other day I received a mystery box from Baltimore. Who the hell do I know in Baltimore? Oh, did someone get mad about my article on Burning Tree and send something bad to me?

Turns out my good buddy BogeyMan from www.bogeylounge.tv had sent me a care package. What a stud. He’s Greek and a golf blogger, a great combination obviously 🙂 .

Here’s what was inside, the Big Break V swimsuit calendar. Sexy golf babes in bikinis and they all autographed the calendar for ME.

Big Break V swimsuit calendar

OK I’ll admit it. I’m in love with Katie, and not because of her swimsuit photos either. Katie, if you’re out there… 😛

Ashley Big Break V

And here’s the winner Ashley. I love her note to me…. Damn I’m a sick puppy.

So thanks to BogeyMan. Now go over to The Lounge and click some of his ads…

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