Golf and strippers…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 22nd, 2006
Categories: Life

Hmmm. My posts lately are very sexually oriented. I wonder why…. OK I know why. Never mind.

Yesterday, during a terrible round in a tournament I heard a very funny story.

The group I was playing in was to be a 4-some. I didn’t know any of the guys in the group. When we teed off the group was a 3-some. Later on in the round I found out why player #4 didn’t make it.

Player #3 was a buddy of player #4 and got the story on his cell phone. Apparently player #3 and #4 had been out late the night before at what my friends and I affectionately call “the ballet” (a strip club). Player #4 had apparently brought his girlfriend with him to the ballet. Now I’m not extremely dumb, but isn’t bringing your GF to a strip club like bringing a sack lunch to a buffet?

During the course of the night player #4 got into a fight with his girlfriend. Gee I wonder why. His girlfriend leaves and he meets a new girlfriend.

When girlfriend #1 finds out that player #4 went home with someone else, she took his golf clubs and threw them in a dumpster somewhere. Player #4 couldn’t play because he had no clubs.

Moral to the story

If you’re going to sleep around on your wife/girlfriend, make sure your clubs are in a safe place.

Stay tuned for part two of my story about yesterday: The “Pipe” putter is now The ” ” putter.

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