My town is a haven for sandbaggers

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 19th, 2006
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Here’s an article in my local rag about sandbaggers. I don’t play in many state tournaments for the reason that I know some sandbagger is going to shoot a “career” round and win. I don’t have a chance net because I’m too “honest.”

Interesting statistics about players shooting below their handicap:

Odds are 1 in 200 a player will better a handicap by three strokes in one round, 1 in 570 they will do it by five strokes, 1 in 1,138 by eight strokes and 1 in 82,000 by 10 strokes.

Just last week in a Saturday AM a 9 handicap here shot a 67. He won first net with a 58. His differential was 14 from his handicap, far worse odds than 1 in 82,000. Pretty amazing this guy can shoot that “career” round under the pressure of a big state tournament. Not only that, but most the state tournaments have the courses setup as difficult as possible with the tees back and the pins in crazy positions. So this guy shoots a 1 in 1,000,000 round under those conditions? He’d better not run into me in a dark alley somewhere.

This article also mentions another type of cheater we have here and I KNOW THIS GUY. This particular guy has paid his $25 registration fee for his state handicap card 5 times under 5 different names. He picks his name and handicap and matches them up for the tournament he wants to play in. As something like a mid teen handi, he shot a 72 gross at Wingpointe in a state tournament. 1st place. Wingpointe from the black tees can be as tough a course as you’ll ever play and NO teen handicap player would likely break 80 from the blacks in a tournament there.

What’s even worse about this cheater is that he BRAGS about doing this to his golf buddies. Amazing.

Given the state of handicaps around here I’m pretty much faced with having to try to place in the money in state tourneys on the gross side. Good luck there. I have another post about that subject on the way.

One response to “My town is a haven for sandbaggers”

  1. Royce ob says:

    Hi I have a cure for those sandbaggers i have written a cd of golf songs (I LOVE GOLF CD ) THE FIRST SONG ON THE CD IS THE SANDBAGGER SONG . kinda putting to those guys we know who they are. http://www.royceobgolfsongs .com .Also there is a book out Conffessions of a Sandbagger written by Jill Gowland Check them out you may get a kick out of them Thanks Royce Aube





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