Fitness Exercises For Golfers Improve Golf Driving Distance

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
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Mike PedersenYour driving distance can be improved quickly with fitness exercises for golfers. These exercises are specific to the demands of the golf swing. They are dynamic, and incorporate all the athletic elements of stability, coordination, balance, body awareness, and sport-specific strength and flexibility.

When you look at the specific motion of the golf swing, it’s rotational, and very quick, so training your muscles in this manner will give you the best results.

The key to improving your driving distance is your power unleashed at impact. If your body has wound up (backswing) fully, and released all that torque into impact, while you’re staying behind the ball, you’ll hit your drives the maximum distance for your leverage type, swing speed and solidness of contact.

To create these positions entails fitness exercises specific to golfers. These exercises do not have to be rocket science, nor do they have to be done in a gym. They have to simulate your golf swing positions with resistance. That’s the definition of fitness exercises for golfers. Simulating key phases of the golf swing with resistance.

You do not need a gym membership to participate in a very effective fitness exercise for golfers program! I say this strongly to remove any reasons (excuses) for not starting right away.

You can pick and choose your golf exercises to suit your golf swing limitations and needs, or you can incorporate a “total body” golf exercise program of strengthening, stretching, nutrition and cardio (fat-burning).

For example, if you have a weak backswing, that doesn’t get all the way to the to consistently, you can do my Post Impact Single Arm With Tubing:

Attach tubing to lower door jam.
Turn sideways to the door and create some distance for added tension.
Place right hand and handle on right hip as left hand pulls through impact.
Let handle come back up, but don’t lose tension on tubing and repeat.

Benefits to Golf Swing:

Improves strength and power specific to the follow through.
Grooves proper swing path and sequence of motion with resistance.
Strengthens all the muscles used in the golf swing, but much quicker with repeat pulls.
This is just on example of a simple, fitness exercise for golfers that can really add some umph to your drives for maximum distance.

Do this 2-3 times a week for 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions. You’ll soon feel the improved strength on the course.
About The Author: Mike Pedersen is the CEO of Perform Better Golf as well as an Internationally recognized golf performance expert and author. Perform Better Golf’s goal is to improve the golfers driving distance and overall performance by addressing the physical issues. For more information on his best-selling Golf Fitness System, visit Perform Better Golf.

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    Fitness Exercises For Golfers Improve Golf Driving Distance

    Some fitness tips ot improve your swing and driving distance.





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