Fantasy Week 14 Results

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 8th, 2006
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This week’s winner for fantasy golf is none other than my good friend 😉 GOLF CHICK! For her efforts this week she wins a box of Swing Juice golf/sports drink. Perhaps I’ll have to deliver this prize in person. 🙂

We’re 6 weeks from knowing who the first winner of a Nintendo DS with True Swing Golf is. Bedford_Golf has the edge right now with a few others close behind. HOG is in a pitiful 28th place. Fortunately I already have a DS because there’s no way I’m going to win it. I wonder if I can make up enough ground to win the TAYLORMADE R7 425 at the end of the year?

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One response to “Fantasy Week 14 Results”

  1. Golfchick says:

    Stalker, you’re starting to scare me. 😉