Daly has lost $50-$60 million gambling

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
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I guess we consumers aren’t getting enough of John Daly because he’s coming out with an autobiography soon.

In the book he describes how he’s lost $50-$60 million gambling and how he’d win $750,000 in a tournament and then go to Vegas and lose twice that much.

His sponsorship money was going straight to the casinos to pay off his debts. Remember that short period where JD was a Callaway player? There was a rumor that Cally signed him and paid off $10 million of his debts.

I believe it. Back in the early HOG days I wrote a post about the time I spent gambling with JD in the tiny little state line town of Wendover. I was grandfathered into the table at $25/hand while JD was playing two hands at $500/hand or more.

JD and I were the only two players there and we sat and talked for about 3 hours. Pretty cool. Funniest part was that he wasn’t drinking at the time and he was a basket case. He had a cigarette in each hand at one point and didn’t even know it.

Here’s some irony… I wonder if JD’s publisher HarperCollins is paying off any of his gambling debts?

2 responses to “Daly has lost $50-$60 million gambling”

  1. BeginnerGolfing says:

    i guess just because your a professional golfer doesn’t mean you’re smart…

  2. NothingMan says:

    Hmmm, and we’re supposed to think that he knew nothing about his wife’s illegal gambling operations?