New poll: Do you keep stats? Vote now!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 29th, 2006
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The latest HOG poll is up and running.

Do you keep stats? Yes, No or sometimes.

I tend to only keep stats of rounds where I play well, probably because I’m happy and want to see the results. But I’d be better off keeping them for my bad rounds to see what exactly is the cause of the high scores.

I’d like to do a post on golf sites that have score trackers in the future so comment some in. is the one I use currently. has basic free score keeping and will soon have full blown stats as well.

6 responses to “New poll: Do you keep stats? Vote now!”

  1. I always keep track of how I play. However, I just use it to push myself to play harder and better the next time I go out.

  2. ziola1039 says:

    I try to to keep my stats to see what part of my game I need to work on.

  3. mediaguru says:

    I’m finding that the part of my game I thought needed the most work, while it is weak, isn’t the weakest part. I thought my up and downs were the worst part but it’s my GIR. I hit nearly 80% of my fairways lately but only about 50% of my greens. IRONS? WTF?

  4. xoxGolfer43xox says:

    Keeping stats is a smart way to monitor any changes in your game, while at the same time, allow yourself to gaze at the stats and really admire how you’ve changed for the best, or if for the the worse you can go throw a golf club up a tree! lol! Always works!


  5. Gungle says:

    If you want to keep your stats, I know of a great website that will allow you to post your scores, and you can get statistics for any course. I like it because it gives my hole by hole stats. And you don’t have to pay for it. Most other sites, you have to pay for. I love to take read my stats, it helps me to find flaws in my golf game, and allows me to make improvements.

  6. mediaguru says:

    I checked it out Gungle. It’s very simple but works well. I may take the simplicity of that one into consideration while designing the one for The Golf Space…





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