My secret streak ended today…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 27th, 2006
Categories: HackersLife

A while back I had a terrible round with my buddy Luke. I lost 7 or 8 balls in 18 holes. Granted there was a 500 mph wind and we played on the tightest course ever but I was still down about that.

Since then I set a goal similar to what me and some other golf bloggers (can’t remember who) blogged about last year.. See how many holes I can play without losing a ball..

Today my new record and streak ended at 154. The new streak is now at 32.

3 responses to “My secret streak ended today…”

  1. will says:

    Nice streak. I didn’t see your previous posts on the subject, but it seems you’d have to apply some modifier to the stat, such as slope, to make it more useful. (I know it’s just a fun stat, but still.)

    I mean, playing Woodley Lakes isn’t the same as Trump National (actually I prefer Woodley, but that’s another story). How’s this for a first try:

    Modified HWLB = HWLB x (2 x (Slope/113 – 1) + 1)

    So, if your 154 was done at a course with a 146 slope, the modified HWLB is 243. otoh, a slope of 85 would adjust the 154 to a 77. Of course, you’d have to adjust on a per round basis in order to account for different courses. But I like the stat, I’ll start today at Robinson Ranch.

  2. mediaguru says:

    Yeah the previous post would be close to a year ago.

    This streak took place on let’s see… basically 4-5 courses. Slopes are 125, 126, 125, 120 ish…

  3. will says:

    Ok, my streak stands at 2. I only lost about 8 balls today. 🙁 But it was a shamble format, so that’s my excuse. Robinson Ranch is fun, but it’s not the most forgiving.