1st impressions of the TaylorMade TP Red ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 20th, 2006
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A “friend” of mine at TM got me some TP reds to play with. The Red is comparable to the ProV1 and the Black comparable to the ProV1x.

Started out with 9 straight pars. I found the ball to compress nicely. I hate the really hard balls that don’t compress easily. The length and flight off the driver was great. Very nice trajectory off the irons and woods. I didn’t play in much wind so I can’t really say how good of a wind ball it is. But with the big dimples I bet it’s similar to the V1x with regards to the wind.

I had a couple of shots which required me to manufacture trajectories and curves…..Ok, I was behind a tree and had to hit a low running hook around it. The ball did exactly what it was supposed to and from 188 yards I ran that hook up to about 5 feet. Not the best putting day for me. I didn’t make that putt for birdie.

Putting with the ball felt great. The TP Red print lines up with the seam just like ProV1’s and that’s how I line up the ball on the green.

Only problem was shearing. I shredded the ball 2-3 times with full 56 degree wedges. On one 70 yard lob I flew the ball over the green into the 2nd cut and the thing spun back onto the green to pin high! Major spin. The ball had shavings sticking up on it from that 70 yard shot. So durability wise you might wear one out with a bunch of full wedges.

Over all it’s a great high performance ball.

4 responses to “1st impressions of the TaylorMade TP Red ball”

  1. Cal says:

    What wedge did you use? The Eidolon?

  2. mediaguru says:

    Ah good question. The wedge that did the shavings seen in this pic is my mizuno black nicked. My eidolon 56 did some similar shearing as well though.

  3. iacas says:

    All the top balls shear like that off of modern wedges, I don’t care who makes ’em.

  4. mediaguru says:

    Actually they don’t iacas. Not for me. V1’s may scuff slightly but I don’t get shavings sticking up like that. I don’t get shavings like that on the dunlop tour D, hx tour, blackmax etc or Nike ones.





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