Tiger Woods apologizes for disrespectful words

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 14th, 2006
Categories: PGA Tour

Tiger Woods has apologized for using the disrespectful word “spaz” in his Sunday post round interview at last week’s Masters.

Quoted from Tiger’s site:

Woods Meant No Disrespect to Anyone in Post-Masters Interview

Top-ranked Tiger Woods regrets his choice of words during a television interview immediately following the 70th Masters Tournament last Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club. When asked about his play, he replied, “I putted atrociously today. Once I got on the greens I was a spaz.”

I think it’s very kind, thoughtful and gracious for Tiger to apologize. Now would someone please tell me exactly WHO IS TIGER APOLOGIZING TO? And if Tiger is apologizing for using the word spaz why isn’t he apologizing for all the f-bombs he drops during the round that the live microphones pick up?

One response to “Tiger Woods apologizes for disrespectful words”

  1. dave says:

    This was covered at or by http://www.czabe.com/daily/ on the sports blog part. I enjoyed his last line on that site czabe.com.
    REACT: Can you imagine a day in which you can’t even say “spaz” anymore? Come on folks. Relax, and move on!