Phil Mickelson Wins 2nd Masters, 3rd Major

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 9th, 2006
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Alternate titles:
“If Freddy could putt, he might have a 2nd green jacket”
“If Tiger could putt, he might have his 5th green jacket”
“The ‘Phil Slam’ is only two major wins away”

Phil Tiger MastersRemember when everyone called Lefty “The best player to not have won a major?” Those days are long gone.

Phil took his TWO drivers and won is 2nd Masters with a well played 69. There’s a rumor floating around the web that one apparently isn’t on the USGA conforming list. More info on that later. His only bogey of the day was on 18 when it didn’t matter since he had a 3 stroke lead.


Rocco Mediate was in the hunt until he carded a 10 on #12 en route to a meltdown 80.

Fred Couples was very close to winning and would have been the oldest Masters champ had he done so. If only he could have made some putts today he and Eat would be happy.

Press Room

Press to Fred Couples: “Is there an optimum age for golf”
Freddy: “For Tiger it’s 16 and on…”

Press to Phil: “What do you think of the lengthening of Augusta National”
Phil: “I like it.” DOH!

Press to Phil: (paraphrasing) “Like Arnold and Jack you are trading Masters championships with Tiger.”
Phil: (paraphrasing) “I’m not interested in trading.”

4 responses to “Phil Mickelson Wins 2nd Masters, 3rd Major”

  1. dazman says:

    Mediate probably cost himself about $200K. How much does THAT hurt!

  2. iacas says:

    And an automatic invite back next year, I believe, no? Yeah, all the way down to T36. Ouch.

  3. mediaguru says:

    Turns out his back went out which is why he couldn’t swing. He was just trying to finish. Now I can see how he did that if his back is anything like mine.

  4. dmaninmoval says:

    Alright this one is for Guru and everyone else:
    I know I have been dissin your boy Phil for awhile (0-46 in majors till last year) and still don’t think he is ever going to be close to what Tiger is as a player or what he is accomplishing. However, he did hang around at the top when it counted and got the job done.

    Tiger should have one this thing though, specially when he was only 2 shots back @-3. He left way to many birdies on the table for him not to have been able to take over the lead even,when it was a four way at one point. I have read a couple comments on MSNBC where they said that Tiger is done, well I just gotta laugh at that one but thats why we live in America.
    Replace your divots!!!!





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