Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
Categories: PGA Tour

I’m watching the par 3 contest on Masters TV right now. Jim Grey is interviewing the likes of Fuzzy and Jack but the audio quality is terrible! I’m an old audio pro and I know what a bad microphone cable sounds like. Someone fix that cable!

I think the audio that is being picked up is just from the camera. The handheld mic is not making a difference and there is a lot of ambient noise.

UPDATE: I figured it out. Jim Grey had a lapel mic on his collar. That was the one that was picking up the audio, not the handheld. And it sounded like there was a short in the cable too.

One response to “Masters TV – BUY A NEW MIC CABLE!”

  1. dave says:

    That was going on with another tournament I was watching last week too. It sounded the same as the one you posted about.