Tournament ball to be used in 2007 Masters

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 1st, 2006
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An inside connection of mine at Augusta National has informed me that on Monday there will be a big announcement. Hootie will be announcing the introduction of a “Masters” or “tournament” ball which will be required during play of the 2007 Masters.

This tournament ball will have more spin and fly shorter than today’s balls. The higher spin will make hitting straight drives more difficult and cut back the distance the ball flies.

A paraphrased quote from Hootie though my friend:

“We’ve lengthened Augusta National for the last time. With the introduction of the tournament ball, the shot making skills that Bobby Jones envisioned when designing Augusta National will once again be a part of determining a champion.”

Augusta has already provided specifications to all the major golf ball manufacturers so that their endorsers can still play the ball they’re paid to play.


3 responses to “Tournament ball to be used in 2007 Masters”

  1. GolfBlogger says:

    Funny. But too believeable. I think that’s exactly what will happen. Shorter ball specs will be made available for each of the manufacturers

  2. thegolfgeek says:

    I hope it is only an April Fools joke not a prediction of future events.

  3. mediaguru says:

    I’m afraid it will come true myself, which is why it makes a good April fool….for now.