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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 27th, 2006
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Bite Golf ShoesIn 1996 by Dale Bathum started making golf sandals and alternative golf footwear with something in mind that other golf shoe companies seemed to ignore: comfort. 10 years later Bite Shoes produces golf shoes which focus on not only comfort but orthopedic function.


The Biosport golf shoes employ what Bite calls “functional biomechanics.” Functional biomechanics promote good foot health via:

– Wide toe box
– Properly positioned Forefoot grooves for natural foot flex
– Torsional control in arch & heel utilizing Trufit fiberglass arch shank
– Heel support counters for lateral stability
– Shockgrid cushioning under footbed

Bite Shoes


If you prefer the more traditional dress shoe look for golf shoes, the Biosports may not be quite your style. Give them some time and you’ll soon feel that these shoes really are very nice looking.

Bite ShoesAesthetically I first noticed the square toe. You see many golf shoes these days with this style. I originally didn’t like the square toe look, but my opinion has changed. Due to the square toe there is plenty of room for your toes. Why other golf shoes haven’t done this I wonder. They’d rather squeeze your toes together for that dress shoe look.


These shoes are so comfortable I’ve often told my pals during a round that I feel like I’m wearing bath slippers and not golf shoes!

My favorite shoes are Vans. Vans are about the most comfortable shoes you can find. Bite shoes are as close to Vans as I’ve found. The thick padding in the toe and around the ankle is very nice. The wide body of the shoe and the soft leather provide total comfort. Once again the square toe provides a nice space for your toes.


I tend to shift my weight (there’s a lot to shift) greatly in my swing. I really dig in and push off with my back foot for power. Without proper traction or on moist ground my back foot can fly out from under me. I found the traction with the Biosports to be excellent and I never had the flying foot problem, even on wet ground.

Bite Shoes

With a bad back I find that bad golf shoes really kill me. After a round of walking or even standing on golf shoes with bad support my back and many other muscles in my body ache badly. If you haven’t reached 40 yet you may not understand, but having correct support from your golf shoes is extremely important. The Biosports perform perfectly in this respect.

What can be improved?

I only had one problem with the Biosports. I’ve had this same issue with a few other golf shoes as well. The first couple of times I wore the Biosports it was fairly warm and I’d worked up a bit of a sweat during my round. When I took the Biosports off to change back into my street shoes, I found my white golf shoes were no longer white. The black ink from the inside of the Biosports ran when my feet got sweaty and turned my socks black. I’ve played about 12-15 rounds with the Biosports and I still get some ink run. I don’t notice it when I wear black socks though 🙂

Pricing and options

The Biosports are available in sizes 7-14 with a retail price of $109.99.

Included with the Biosports are 1 Footbed & 1 Liner Included for you to optimize your fit and feel:

– OS1 for superior cushioning
– Ortholiner for volume control


The Biosports are great golf shoes. They’re as comfortable, if not more than any other golf shoe I’ve worn. The performance and support of the shoe will keep you feeling good and performing at your best. Just don’t wear white socks. 🙂

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  1. JFB says:

    You can also get lucky sometimes by buying direct from their site, as they have closeout prices on some of their shoes. Bite Shoe’s rock!


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