Golf in the concrete jungle of New York

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, March 18th, 2006
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What do King Kong and The Golf Performance Center have in common? They both set up shop at the Empire State Building in New York.

I love New York. There’s no city like it. There’s no room for any growth outward so everything goes up in the form of skyscrapers, apparently even golf.

The Golf Performance Center is an indoor golf facility which provides top quality instruction with the latest technology and teaching equipment. All this from one of the most famous buildings in history, the Empire State Building. Their clients certainly shouldn’t have problems finding the place and it’s easily reachable by walking, taxi, subway or bus.


Hitting area

The hitting area is one of 3 main areas which is equipped with 3 camera views to record the student’s swing: head on, down the line and aerial.

plasmaThe swing is analyzed on a JC Video system which is displayed on a 42″ plasma screen (I bet they watch the Super Bowl on it too).

They also use SmartSwing clubs which have a computer chip inside the grip which records data about the student’s swing as well.

The swing data is emailed to the students along with swing videos in the form of a lesson review. That’s a great tool. How many times did you forget half of your lesson?

putting areaPutting area

A Z factor Putting machine which is used to help determine the kind of putting stroke the student feels most comfortable with while a laser aiming system is used to make sure students are aiming correctly and with the correct amount of loft on the putter.

High speed cameras record the putting stroke and ball to show ball skid.

swingtrainerCoach Machine

For strength training The Golf Performance Center uses the Coach machine strength trainer. Students go through a 35 minute routine which helps build golf muscles and also trains the student with certain parts of the swing.


TGPC also has other programs from tournaments to corporate events, and also provides sales of golf related books videos and other products.

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