Entertaining day 3 at Doral aka Wanna buy a watch?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 5th, 2006
Categories: PGA Tour

Day 3 was a fun round to watch at Doral. There were some very interesting happenings in the head to head match between Tiger and Phil today.

Tiger’s new swing?

Tiger introduced a new swing Saturday that I’ve not really seen to this point. It’s like a combination of a flat Justin Leonard swing plane and the Tiger stinger/punch shot. Tiger’s swing plane and follow through are very flat and he doesn’t finish high. Rather he finishes like he’s trying to punch a low iron shot into the wind. He knocked one 354 yards Saturday with that swing.

But the flatter swing plane may have also introduced some other “issues” with Tiger however. He started pushing many of his shots to the right. Pushes can come easy when your plane is more flat.

Want a drink Tiger?

Tiger also did something I can’t ever remember seeing. He knocked an 8-iron in the water short of the par 3 ninth green. That shot looked like one of mine! Hey, I can hit shots just like Tiger.

Tiger did suck it up on the back nine, recording 3 birdies in a row en route to a -4 round and a 2 shot lead.

The Phil watch incident

By far the most interesting and funny happening today was the “Phil watch” incident.

Phil beaned a spectator. Happens all the time. But this time Phil’s ball hit the man right on the watch and destroyed it. Phil apologized and finished out the hole. Then he came back and slipped the watch bearer some cash. He didn’t even look at it, the guy just put it in his pocket. Then all his buddies were giving him grief so he pulled it out and uncrumpled two $100 bills.

Dear Phil…Hit me. I could use some extra cash.

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