Will someone please step up and challenge Tiger?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 5th, 2006
Categories: PGA Tour

Attention PGA Tour players! Will someone please step up and challenge Tiger?

TigerDoral2006Tiger cruised to his 2nd consecutive Ford Championship at Doral. Phil faded out of contention knocking two shots in the drink. David Toms and Camilo Villegas made a run but it was not enough. In fact Toms 3 putted 18 for a bogey. A par for Toms would have been good enough for a playoff. However, you’d have to think that if Tiger knew he needed par or better on 18 to win, he’d get it done.

How good would Tiger be if he could hit a fairway?

Tiger hit 46.4% of his fairways yet had a GIR of 80.6%.

Last year Tiger gave his Ford GT prize to Steve Williams (his caddie). Looks like Steve is building up a collection.

6 responses to “Will someone please step up and challenge Tiger?”

  1. Golfchick says:

    After all this time not signing up to post comments, finally a post inspired me to do it. (I hate signing up for stuff!)

    LUKE will step up and challenge Tiger! Right, Luke?

  2. mediaguru says:

    You only have to sign up ONCE. Then you are in forever. Comment at will. If you do the image verification that has to be done every time which is a pain.

  3. sirstick says:

    Just read about a guy that will outdrive Tiger by some gazillion yards… 😉

  4. dmaninmoval says:

    In response to the question posed here by our esteemed duffer, let me answer it this way, “aint gonna happen”. There isn’t a golfer today that has the mental toughness to out dual or challenge Tiger, period. When Sunday rolls around, if you have noticed the guys that have the lead going in they are all smiles and seem to be sitting on cloud nine. In contrast, when the camera pans to Mr. Woods setting up on the first tee, his stare could cut glass. That is the look of a man who knows by the end of the day, he is gonna win this thing or be in the hunt to win.

    Lastly, for all of you who were gearing up for a “Lefty v Tiger” showdown on Sunday, it might be time for a reality check. Like I said in my post when Phil had one the PGA championship, the guy really isn’t that good. It is just amazing to me that after all this time on the tour and many years before Tiger ever got here, he never one a major. Yet he wins three majors and people want to build him a shrine, go figure.

  5. mediaguru says:

    dmaninmoval I agree with your assessment about the other players not challenging him. They have it too easy. They’ve got all the dough they want and obviously Tiger’s will to win is stronger.

    Regarding Phil…He may not be that good, but he is THAT talented. Combine his raw talent with the mental toughness of someone like DiMarco or Pavin and he’d be tough to beat. And one Phil correction: He’s only won TWO majors, not 3.

  6. dmaninmoval says:

    Hey Guru:
    I grant you the talent factor on Phil, the fact that he has brought himself up the rankings from where he once was is impressive. Regarding the wins, for some reason I thought he had won the PGA twice and the Masters, my bad on that one.

    Lastly, you know what bro, I don’t think its the money factor to be honest with you when it comes to the other guys. I just think that the rest of the guys maybe excluding Vijay, don’t eat,sleep and drink golf like Tiger does when it is season time. The man is on a mission to break Sir Jack’s majors record and in his mind nothing or no one is gonna deny him that. Let me know what ya think bout this thought.
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