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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 3rd, 2006
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2001 Masters Tournament

2001 Masters Tournament (DVD)

It was one of the most anticipated events in sports history. Tiger Woods arrived at the 2001 Masters Tournament with one mission in mind: become the first golfer ever to win four consecutive professional majors. The official video of the 2001 Masters includes highlights of this historic April week in Augusta beginning with Wednesday’s Par 3 contest, continuing with all the excitement throughout the week and climaxing with Sunday’s fireworks. Includes footage not seen on television. Special features include complete post tournament interview with Tiger, and highlights of opening and closing ceremonies. Length: 115 min.

My Review

The Masters is my favorite tournament by a long shot. In case you’re wondering the Masters is in only 33 days, 22 hours, 58 minutes and 13 seconds. Yes I’m counting down the days.

Unfortunately my “connection” had his tickets taken away by the Masters police so it looks like I’m not going. If someone out there finds it in the kindness of their heart to invite me you’ll get some major thanks (pun intended) and some major air time here.

In preparation for the upcoming Masters I’m starting a DVD viewing schedule of previous Masters. Yesterday I watched the highlight DVD of the 2001 Masters. Tiger’s first of two in a row during the period where some say Tiger played the best golf of his career. This victory for Tiger was the historic one that gave him all four major trophies at the same time, the grand slam.

In true Masters style there are no previews or commercials of any kind on this disc, other than a plug for IBM at the end. This is almost just like the broadcast.

If you are a golf fan and especially a Masters fan, you’ll love this DVD. If you are not a golf fan you’ll be bored to tears. Perhaps the best part about the DVD is the great camera angles and shots of Augusta National.

Even back then Chris DiMarco recorded some record low rounds. Perhaps he’ll win a Masters someday, if they stop lengthening the course.

Speaking of lengthening, it’s interesting to see the 18th hole on this DVD. This tourney was before they moved the tee box back to where it is now. On the last hole Tiger bombed a 330 yard drive to well past the left fairway bunkers. You don’t see that anymore.


I love anything to do with The Masters. Any fan of golf and it’s history should enjoy this DVD.

2001 Masters Tournament (DVD)

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