Day 3

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 25th, 2006
Categories: HackersLifeMiscellaneous

It’s 11:18pm. We just got back from pizza night and gambling in Mesquite…. I’m tired so this is going to be short.


The golf was awesome today at Sunbrook. The weather was great but my game was not. I’m very rusty and I can’t hit an iron to save my life. My chipping is beyond terrible. Putting is great. Won many of my bets but not the Chicago (I’ll explain a Chicago later). The score was better today, but not good.

After golf we hit Mesquite where in the pic below you can see us all playing the Megabucks slot machine. The whole group put in $20 and everyone gets their turn. If it hit the jackpot, we’d all be splitting $15,000,000. Everyone was rubbing the machine for good luck but it didn’t work. We’re not millionaires. Then I got in trouble with the security guard who made me erase the pictures. I told him my battery died so I only erased about 2 of 15 pics.


Gotta get to sleep now. Need rest for day 4.

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