7 day golf vacation kicks off today!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
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7 Days
3 States
6 Courses
135 Holes
1 Man

(OK, I ripped off Jay Flemma’s idea for that intro text…) Hi friends. I’m so excited to get out of the frozen tundra here to where it’s going to be 70+ degrees and sunny!

I’m off to golf with about 16 of my closest friends in Southern Utah. We play 18 at Green Spring tomorrow, 27 at Sunbrook (they have 27) Saturday, 18-27 at St. George Golf Club Sunday and 18 at Coral Canyon on Monday.

That’s not all though! Monday after the round at Coral Canyon I hop in my car and drive to Southern California to hook up with the man, the legend: EatGolf. Eat and I will be joined by golf blog buddy Luke Swilor for a round at Moorpark CC on Tuesday at 11:04am.

Wednesday I plan on sneaking in a round of golf either in Primm Nevada or in Mesquite.

All in the name of research

During this trip I’ll be catching up on most of my current set of reviews. The following items will be covered:

  • Bite Golf Shoes
  • Bad Ass Wedges
  • Face Forward Wedges
  • Mizuno Black Nickel Wedges
  • Golf Dust
  • Course Reviews of the courses I play
  • Bridgestone e5 and e6 golf balls
  • Rainwedge rain cover
  • Nike Sphere Dry shirts
  • ES Golf Towel

  • 2 responses to “7 day golf vacation kicks off today!”

    1. NothingMan says:

      me hates you.

      Enjoy. I’ll be at the range in middle america… ugh.

    2. JFB says:

      You’re a lucky man. I would go as far to say…jealous.

      I wear Bite shoes. I’ve been wearing the same ones for about 5 years. I LOVE them. I’ll never wear another golf shoe. The stability is second to none, and I get no heel-rub, which was a major factor in me switching from Foot Joys. I bought them as a clearance direct from their site.

      Have a great trip, keep it in the short-grass.





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