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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
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A press release from some golf business pals of mine:

New Offers Direct Talk with Golf Equipment Manufacturers

AUSTIN, Texas — Golf’s only wire service solely dedicated to clubmaking, ClubmakingWIRE proudly introduces an exciting, new addition to its ‘Direct-to-Clubmaker’ strategy —, an all-new web site delivering direct communication between component manufacturers and custom clubmakers.

New for 2006, features a chatroom format dedicated to component manufacturers and custom clubmaking and, unlike other forums, ClubmakingFORUM features regular ‘Direct Talk’ sessions with the engineers and designers of the world’s most renowned golf equipment and component manufacturers, as well as the Professional Clubmaker’s Society. For example, the first scheduled Direct Talk will feature Skip Pankewich, product developer for United Sports Technologies (UST®), who was instrumental in developing the revolutionary Frequency Filtered™ putter shaft. (The UST Direct Talk will be Feb.22nd at 3pm CST.)

“There are thousands of golfers who enjoy the craft of custom clubmaking and who crave ever more technical information and discussion on clubheads, shaft, grips and the custom fitting process,” says John Meng, founder of ClubmakingWIRE. “Component manufacturers that provide that open feedback and discussion gain a significant advantage on competitors, and the multi-tiered strategy of our ‘ClubmakingNETWORK’ delivers that advantage. In addition to distributing news directly to clubmakers through ClubmakingWIRE, the ClubmakingFORUM allows manufacturers to directly communicate with clubmakers.”

In addition to its unique direct talk approach, the ClubmakingFORUM showcases the newest products and technologies, independent product reviews; technical articles on shafts, grips and clubheads, custom-fitting tips and a direct link with ClubmakingWIRE for the latest news in the component industry.

“We’ve always been a strong proponent of direct communication with clubmakers,” says Ray Lucas, vice president of sales and marketing for Royal Precision, one of the Charter Sponsors of ClubmakingFORUM. “Through the new ClubmakingFORUM, we can open and maintain a direct line of communication with clubmakers and golfers that reinforces and repeats our message, thereby providing the desired frequency and repetition that is often hard to come by in a market saturated with the multi-million dollar ad campaigns of OEMs.”

For more information on the ClubmakingFORUM, call 877.930.0077 or visit

ClubmakingFORUM is part of the ClubmakingNETWORK, dedicated to providing golfers and custom clubmakers with the most up-to-date news on news and information on golf equipment and custom fitting. For more information, call 877.930.0077 or visit and

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