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A little short game experiment

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 16th, 2006
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In examining my golf game and trying to figure out where I can shave some strokes, I’ve concluded pitching and chipping are where I need the most work. My recent putting experiment more than validates the importance of getting the ball to within about 4 feet when I’m trying to get up and down.

The experiment was very simple. See how many putts in a row I can make from 4 feet and from 8 feet. The results are stunning.

8 foot putts

After making about 10 attempts, the highest number of 8 foot putts I made in a row was 6. I could try it by making 100 attempts regardless of how many in a row I made as well. Then I’d have an exact percentage of putts made. Perhaps next time I’ll do that.

4 foot putts

It didn’t even take me 10 attempts from 4 feet to make 29 in a row. And the 30th putt I missed because I was getting tired of bending over to putt.


The conclusion is that if I can get my chips to 4 feet I have 96% chance of getting up and down. If the chip is 8 feet out that percentage is reduced immensely.

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