Callaway sues Acushnet over ProV1

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 13th, 2006
Categories: Golf BallsGolf EquipmentMiscellaneous

Callaway is alleging that Titleist has infringed on 4 or more of their patents in the manufacture of the ProV1 golf ball. Those patents were acquired by Callaway when they bought Top Flite in 2003. Apparently Callaway has been trying to negotiate a settlement with Acushnet (parent company of Titleist) for “quite a while.”

It’s interesting this came up. I was talking to the local Bridgestone rep a week or so ago, and the Titleist rep happened to be in the same room. They looked at each other with evil in their eyes and said nothing. It made me wonder what ever came of Bridgestone’s suit against Acushnet for supposed solid core technology patent infringement. I just found it…that battle is still going.

Who has the best lawyers and the most dough to spend? Who has the most dough to lose if they lose this battle? Acushnet. I imagine they won’t be holding back on defending themselves. Is Johnny Cochrin available?

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