Oberholser win, Weir meltdown

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 12th, 2006
Categories: PGA Tour

The Weir “comeback” is still in question I suppose. Today he started the final round at Pebble tied with Aaron Oberholser for the lead. He’d end the day with final a score of 78. Dropping a 78 in the final round of a PGA Tour event when you’re tied for the lead certainly qualifies to be called a meltdown.

Aaron Oberholser shot even par today and won convincingly by 5 strokes. This is his first PGA Tour victory and it may help get him into the Masters.

Strange happenings lately on tour. We’re seeing rounds where the leaders don’t even break par but still win. Nobody is making any kind of a run at the leaders. We’d like to see someone break through the pack and make one of these tourneys interesting for a change..

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