Mediaguru VS Luke Swilor

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 12th, 2006
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MediaE VS Luke Swilor

This Tuesday I get to meet fellow golf blogger Luke Swilor. He’s a young pro who is trying to work his way up to the PGA Tour and blogs about his journey. Check out his blog.

For an inaugural match of my golf blog tour, Luke and I will be playing a round of golf this Tuesday. We’ll be playing at what I’d call a very easy track. This place is flat and straight with big greens. Many of the holes parallel each other, so you could slice the hell out of your drive and still be in a fairway (though it may not be yours).

Place your bets

The line in Vegas right now has me at about a 10 shot underdog. You have a match up of a young bombing pro, versus a 40 year old hack with a granny swing who just picked up his clubs for the first time since last year.

Golf blog tour?

What is the golf blog tour you ask? It’s basically me hooking up with golf bloggers and playing golf with them. I just made it up about 10 seconds ago. I play Luke this week. In about two weeks I’ll be in LA (LA LA Land) to play my good buddy Rich from I’m hoping Golf Chick will be in attendance as well. The Golf Grouch was also extended an invitation be he’s too scared and declined, sighting that he had a new job and had to work. Yeah right, chicken. I’m also working on a round with Jay Flemma but we can’t get our schedules and what states we’re in lined up yet.

“Media Eagle” photo credit: Rich @

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