Automated post. First round of 2006.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 9th, 2006
Categories: HackersLife

Greetings friends. I’ve set this one to automatically post right about the time I’ll be teeing off today for my first round of 2006.

I’ve been down with torn cartilage in my chest since December. The doc told me to wait 3 weeks and I’m on the 5-6th week. I hope I waited long enough. I haven’t touched a club in weeks. I’ve been swinging clubs in the yard the last couple of days and I’m not feeling any pain. Swinging a club with the Sun shining on you feels so good. It beats sitting inside waiting for the snow to melt.

It should be now about a minute or two after I’ve teed off. My drive on #1 has hopefully reached the fairway about 100 yards out. That is 100 yards from the green, not the tee box.

I’ll report later on the round. I’m sure I’ll be very rusty so I doubt I’ll be reporting about good golf. But I hope I’ll be reporting about bad golf and not bad pain.

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