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$2484 club re-grip?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 9th, 2006
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W8I’m trying some new Winn grips on my clubs. Just got them put on today. They’re very cool. But when the shop rang me up the bill was $2484.00. It seems these grips are a little more expensive than the last set I got… Either that or they punched in the wrong price per unit.

I’ll have a report on these new Winn G8’s after a few rounds.

5 responses to “$2484 club re-grip?”

  1. sirstick says:

    bacon powder??????

  2. Cal says:

    There’s gold in them there grips…

  3. BogeyLounge says:

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  4. bmeunier says:

    Wow. Seriously? Those exact grips are $5 each here:

    That’s a hell of a labor charge.

    Good golfing,

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