Heidi Fleiss competes in The Big Break V

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
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HeidiNikkiLast night was the first episode of TGC’s The Big Break. Golf, babes, Hawaii… What more could you ask?

Big Break shows with women are great. The women are so much more intense than the men. They’re out for blood and they take every shot against them personally. Much more entertaining than the men for sure. Cat fight! (Direct quote from the show).

The first episode started out with 11 players and only 10 spaces in the hotel. So some one had to be eliminated in the first round. It came down to a sudden death playoff on the last hole between Jo D. Duncan and Nikki DiSanto. Nikki made a clutch put to win and move on to the next episode.

I had a hard time watching this episode because I couldn’t get over Nikki DiSanto. She’s very pretty for sure, but she looks exactly like Heidi Fleiss. She was also obviously wearing men’s golf shorts which looked very strange on her skinny lower body.

One other thing about Nikki: She has a dirty mouth like I would imagine Heidi Fleiss would as well. She dropped an F-Bomb and an S-Bomb and put TGC’s audio crew to work bleeping her out…

3 responses to “Heidi Fleiss competes in The Big Break V”

  1. thegolfgeek says:

    I watched that show trying to figure out who Nikki looked like. Guru, you know your women! Heidi Fleiss for sure. She most definately had a different look with those shorts. I enjoyed the show. Let’s see if the catfights start.

    Tom Gov

  2. dave says:

    I love the post you make about this show and I always miss the show but catch the reruns or what ever they are called now. I think you might get in a bit over the cat fight comment. We have the new recorder thing now so I will ask those in charge of the remote to record these for me.

  3. mediaguru says:

    Actually “cat fight” was a quote from the this particular show itself!





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