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Fantasy Golf Starts this week WEEKLY PRIZES! BIG PRIZES!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
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nintendoIt’s not too late to sign up for the the Hooked On Golf Blog Fantasy Golf league. The season starts THIS WEEK! You don’t have to sign up this week but if you don’t, you’ll be behind on winning some awesome prizes.

Currently we have 26 players. There are 3 segments to the season and I’m planning on awarding prizes for the winners of each segment, and a big grand prize to the winner. (I’m working on the grand prize but I can’t tell you yet). And I’ve now locked down prizes for each weeks winners…WEEKLY PRIZES FOLKS!

The league is at Yahoo fantasy sports. You’ll need to have a Yahoo ID if you don’t already. Not a big deal. It’s free to sign up for the ID and for the fantasy golf.

The group name is: Hooked On Fantasy Golf
The group number is: 4649
The password is: masters
The official discussion thread:

Prizes so far:

1. 2 (that’s TWO) complete Nintendo DS systems with the new True Swing Golf game!
2. The Hole of the Third Eye courtesy of Wayne Smith and Little Acorn Press
3. Bi-weekly sponsor: Swing Juice energy drink
4. Bi-weekly sponsor: Golf Dust tune-up kit
5. All participants will receive a ONE YEAR subscription to mygolfdomain’s stat tracker

Attention site sponsors and equipment manufacturers: Please contact me if you’d like to sponsor the HOFGL league for 2006. I’d like to see a sponsor for first, second and third place at least. Posts or information regarding the league would contain sponsor info such as “Hooked On Fantasy Golf League. Sponsored by xyz golf company.”

Thanks to the following b-weekly sponsors:

Golf DustSwing Juice

2 responses to “Fantasy Golf Starts this week WEEKLY PRIZES! BIG PRIZES!”

  1. Luke S. says:

    Im in. 04 Utes. I want the DS.

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