Fantasy Golf Grand Prize Annoucement

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
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I’m pleased to announce that the grand prize for this year’s Hooked On Fantasy Golf Tournament is a TaylorMade r7 425 driver! Don’t ever say that Mediaguru doesn’t treat his readers right!


Special thanks to our friends at TaylorMade. You’re going to have to beat ME to win this thing…

9 responses to “Fantasy Golf Grand Prize Annoucement”

  1. Cal says:

    I think that should go to the most needy player… yes self interest is being served in a big way here … and trust me, the state my game is in, I really REALLY need that club.

    On a more serious note – WOW. Kudos to you and whoever it was that gave you the club.

  2. eatgolf says:

    Thank you TaylorMade! Nice job Media – have I mentioned before that you’re da man!

  3. faziom1 says:

    What about those of us who play golf from the other side of the ball? Have you got that baby in a left hand model? I don’t have a chance to actually win it, but we all know Murphy’s Law and what not ….

  4. mediaguru says:

    Should a lefty win a golf club in this thing, we can see if the sponsors would do a left handed version. If they make one I wouldn’t see a problem for them.

  5. faziom1 says:

    There’s always one lefty in the group that ruins it for everyone 😉

  6. eswinner says:

    Everybody loved the R5 and R7. The big difference rith the new R7 425 and soon 460, is that TaylorMade added the forgivenedd of the R5 to their top tear R7 drivers. Abolutely needed as the older R7 had the sweetspot of a Titleist 983.

  7. mediaguru says:

    eswinner: check out my advertising packages!

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